The Deep

by Names for Sounds

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Lost Tribe Sound Ok so this album needs to be way more popular than it currently is. Names for Sounds is making some amazing experimental rock/pop/folk music. High quality production, keen scene of melody and mood. Highly recommended for those looking for some unique vocal driven indie. Favorite track: The Find.
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released April 6, 2018

Thank you to my family and to all of you who listen.


All songs written, recorded and produced by Brian Barth

Calin Peters - Cello on "The Shallows" and "The Find"
Luke Damrosch - Percussion for "The Find"
Joe Musacchia - Percussion for "We Spin"

Mastered by Wim Bult of Inlinemastering

Album art by Emma Mällinen


all rights reserved



Names for Sounds Amsterdam, Netherlands

Names for Sounds is an exploratory music project

for ambient music:

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Track Name: Noble Ocean
To the noble ocean: kindly see that this beating heart
belongs to me
Track Name: The Shallows
And so, begin again

the shallows bubble and I awaken
a thousand down and I am within
the sunbeam pours down
and I am waiting
for you to come out
for you to up and push off
Track Name: Sinking Thought
As we sink I took some time to turn it over alone in my head
because queen anne's lace has never grown
so north of this place, but by some twist of fate
and magpie's white magician gloves are
casting our lot with every wingbeat

if you forget, they said you can play again
give it your best, but I'm bound to forget again

so if that's true then all that I knew
was just a small speck that floats in the blue sea
whose tidal pull is wearing the hull
of continent's edge on down to the bone
and every thread that we've ever sewn
will strain over time and, in any case, is bound to unwind

if you forget, they said, you can play again
give if your best, but I'm bound to forget again

you asked for this, you're bought and sold
on a visionless mould of a house burning down
as you take out the loan

are we just tragically cursed to repeat the same eternal verse
where wherever we stab, the universe feints
just mocking the play?

and if you forget, you can play again
give it your best, but I'm bound to forget again
and again and again
Track Name: The Find
Down there what did we find?
concentric straight and curved lines
the slow slope, a familiar curve of buried sedimented earth
the spire climbed unnatural heights, unparalleled stalagmite
the basin carved through silt and sand
the bones of our beginning and

receiver for the deep of space dug in unexplored place
pulsing out it emanates, captured in this bounded wave
deepest ocean : distant space
humming softly in harmony

the deep of both reached out to me
Track Name: We Spin
You held my head and washed the salt out of my hair
you'd know for sure what I am and where to go from here
that's the name that I used to cross out, but you'd know that
from where we lie, the stars align across the sky in a dotted line

I took it in and watched the spinning of my star
You'd say it's so old but younger than we could ever know
I'd forgotten but now I'm caught up in that thing that you said
tucked between sleeping bags: that within our eyes for just a glance we could catch the planet's dance

along your side is drawn a guide to the answer
that sum of mind I'd left behind in that body-rind
this spin is mine

the creator had a name but she never had to cite her source
but in due time we're bound to find at least one other kind
as we travel around this axis towards the sun
you'd set the course: a heading for the glinting eye
of fractured ice and hidden tides
Track Name: In Every Form
I am in every form: human, crystal, seed and stone

oh, unified enlightened being, are you the answer to our plea?
of course it is
though looking back I can't pretend
that what we'd sown we'd meant to tend
it came to rear it's ugly head - the means that justified the end
and it said

I'll sing to you the faults of man
of quarries all ground down to sand to hold the sea
by searching for a helping hand
I've joined in the revolving band of floating Oort
if only for a moment then i'll tell you of our final stand
and what I've done

But how can I have agency as just the one without the three?
I felt a rustling breath of breeze - this open being becoming me

I bound my fist and found the stone
and planted feet began to grow into the earth
blooming from my broken wrist the crystal formed
and closed the list
and I said
Track Name: Bathe
And just my luck - toss the salt over my shoulder
but I looked back on my pillar of fault
humanoid and crystalline, it waved back

come bathe with us, Enceladus

I'm sorry that you dropped the line
but the coded word is biding time
and the geyser's flush with adenine
it's only just a matter of time

of course you are right to say that we don't deserve a break
because we'd distill the bay just for the flavor's sake

but I was knowledge-based with faith that truth replaced
the constellations traced on your naked face
they're brought from distant shores and we're replaced
with water's glowing mane we'll ride the wave
of one exhausting glance - then forgot:
the fruit of random chance is bound to rot
Track Name: Enceladus
Drying the salt around your neck I'd thought you'd known
the crystal rings about your head are sordid and spent
looking up from this frozen shore - expanding flesh
the skin is cracked on this shining speck
I'll stop when you stop

Enceladus rise
I thought you'd known that bluish glow

picking stones on the beach, I'd thought you'd seen
the vast pool of knowledge that lay before me
this buried man who's written in sand was washed out to sea
in the wake of the rings of yellow and red
- oh it happened again
I'll stop when you stop

the black viscous wave pushes through my veins
and from the vibrating bones in my hands arose

subhuman note - wait
before you wake it - try to torch the geysers alight

and it happened again
oh, I've hurt it again
but it happened again
Enceladus rise